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Locust attacks in India: Terrifying photos, videos of one of the worst swarm attacks emerge


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2020 is only serving humanity with pangs of doomsday with each one fearing for his or her life. No, we are not talking about the coronavirus but an army of insects that have made their way into India, causing troubles in Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Gujarat, Haryana, Punjab, Vidharba in Maharashtra, Mathura in Uttar Pradesh and even new Delhi. Terrifying videos of locust attacks, led by the little insects but causing greater damage, have emerged. Experts have claimed it to be the worst attack in nearly 26 years. Locusts are insects that travel in large swarms only during the day time. They can travel up to 150 kilometers in a day depending on the wind speed. They are known for feasting on all sorts of plants and standing crops. 


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