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Indian Cooking Tips: Use Leftover Idlis To Make These Surprisingly Yummy Treats


Use leftover idlis to make these unique recipes.


  • We are often left with unconsumed idlis after a south Indian meal.
  • Use leftover idlis to make these unique dishes.
  • See these recipes and use your idlis to make a dish of your choice.

If someone tells us they don’t like idli, we would never believe it. The simple and staple idli can never disappoint our taste buds. Pair it with sambhar or just chutney, or both, this south-Indian rice-dal/sooji cake always proves to be a delight. That’s why, we have a habit of making too many of them, almost all the time. When we have satiated our appetite of regular idli-sambhar fare, we are usually left with unconsumed idlis. What should you do with them? Eat the same meal again or put them in the freezer and wait till you make sambhar again? Do none of those things; instead, make these unique dishes with idli, which will offer you a different taste altogether.

Leftover Idli Recipes:

1. Idli Snack

Make chaat-like idli snack by tossing them in a mixture of cooked onion slices and tomatoes – spiced with green chilli, mustard seeds, garlic and ginger shavings. You’ll get a perfect mid-day meal to go with your evening tea.

View Full Recipe Here.

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Idli chaat is perfect teat-time snack. 

2. Idli Burger

Did you know that you could fry your idli to turn it into a crispy tikki? Try this recipe and make a hearty burger with leftover idli when your craving for some junk food hits you.

View Full Recipe Here.

3. Idli Upma

Use idli to make another classic south-Indian delicacy – upma. Make the same base of mustard seeds, urad dal, chana dal, red chillies, onions and curry leaves. Add vegetables and cook them, and then flop in the leftover idlis. You can also crush the idlis a bit if you like.

View Full Recipe Here.

4. Idli Pasta

The Italian food lover in us never dies. Use your leftover idlis to make delicious pasta by mixing them with veggies, onions, tomatoes, soy sauce and pasta sauce.

View Full Recipe Here.

5. Idli Manchurian

Make your favourite Chinese dish with a south Indian twist. Make spicy manchurian with leftover idlis, which is also healthier than the regular one as the idli pieces are sauteed, and not fried, before dunking them in a mixture of bell peppers, corn starch, chilli paste, tomato paste, vinegar and soy sauce.

View Full Recipe Here.

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Make Chinese idli manchurian for a unique meal. 

Don’t waste your precious idlis. Make these equally delicious dishes out of them for your next meal. Do you have more such recipes of leftover idlis? Please share in the comments section below.

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