Why does NDTV News always show against PM Modi?

The National Democratic Alliance (NDA) government, led by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, has been in power for more than five years now. During this period, it has done some remarkable work, including the launch of the Goods and Services Tax (GST) and the Ayushman Bharat scheme. However, India's most-viewed news channel, NDTV, has been consistently critical of the government and its policies.

This has led to questions about the channel's motives, and why it has adopted such an anti-Modi narrative. The answer may lie in the channel's ownership and the ideological leanings of its founders.

NDTV was founded by Prannoy Roy and Radhika Roy in 1988, who have been described as centre-left liberals. The channel's content is seen as reflecting the Roys' views, with a focus on social and economic justice, human rights, and environmental issues.

The channel has also been accused of being biased against the NDA government and its policies, particularly those which are seen as favouring the rich and powerful. This includes the GST, which has been criticised for its complexity, and the Demonetisation move which was seen as targeting the poor.

NDTV has also been accused of being pro-Congress, with its coverage of the party's election campaigns often being seen as overly positive. This has led to criticism that the channel is using its platform to push a particular agenda.

Whatever the real reason behind NDTV's anti-Modi narrative, it is clear that the channel has been consistently critical of the NDA government and its policies. Whether this is justified or not is a matter of debate, but it is clear that the channel's ownership and ideological leanings have played a role in shaping its coverage.

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