How To Make Easy Mango Kulfi At Home (Recipe Video Inside)

The joy of slurping on creamy chilled kulfi on a super-sunny day is above all.


  • The rich frozen dessert of kulfi is a delight in the summer season
  • Made with full-fat milk, kulfi is a popular Indian dessert
  • Here’s how you can prepare it at home

Summer season is here in full swing and we are thinking about all things cool and refreshing – from juices, salads and citrusy fruits to shakes and ice-creams. Didn’t we all love to gorge on those lick-lollies after school in the afternoon? Some of us love gorging on homemade kulfi, a close cousin of ice cream! Kulfis have been a part of Indian cuisine since ages and is undoubtedly one of the most loved desserts.

It is believed that kulfi was first originated in the royal kitchens of the Mughal Empire in the 16th century. With its creamy concoction that is delicately fragrant and frozen, kulfi has one primary ingredient – full fat milk that traditionally has to be boiled for hours to get a silky, caramelized flavour. The distinct flavour and a smooth texture of kulfi is due to the continuous stirring of milk. It is this distinct caramelised flavour that has us hooked to this delectable delight. No wonder this Indian dessert holds a permanent place in restaurants across the country! But did you know that you can make irresistible kulfis at home too? Yes, you read that right!

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Mango Kulfi Recipe:

We’ve got a super easy kulfi recipe here full with the goodness of the king of fruits- Mangoes! The summer favourite mango is what many of us eagerly wait for the entire year. So why not make the best of it? In this easy mango kulfi recipe, mango and cardamoms are blended together into a smooth paste, and combined with sugar, milk and heavy cream. It is then mixed with vanilla ice cream for a thick mixture. The mixture is then set in moulds with crunchy pistachios on top and frozen for about 7-8 hours. You can serve the fresh, homemade kulfis after removing the moulds!

It is a perfect dessert recipe to prepare at home and serve post-dinner this summer season. Easy, fuss-free, quick and irresistibly delicious!

Find the full recipe video of mango kulfi here.

Try at home and let us know your experience in the comments section below.

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