Should You Have Ghee With Khichdi? And How Much? Experts Reveal


  • Khichdi is a one-pot meal made with rice and lentils
  • Khichdi is a good source of protein
  • Khichdi is often called a complete source of protein

Hearty, wholesome and complete, there is something about khichdi that always manages to satiate us to the core. Whether you are sick or simply craving something light and comforting, this one-pot dish of dal mixed with rice and spices is a favourite go-to option. We also love the room it offers us to be creative. In addition to dal and rice, you can throw in vegetables or greens or paneer or whatever you feel like and end up with something sumptuous. Another khichdi staple that we cannot do without is ghee. Most of us love to slather our khichdi with ghee. A spoonful of ghee can enhance its taste in a jiffy. Given the recent spotlight on ghee and its many benefits, we got wondering if our age-old habit of adding ghee to khichdi doing us any good? Or should we hold back? Here are some expert opinions.

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It is said that adding ghee increases the digestibility of roti or rice. Ghee is known to do wonders for energy, it is also said to be good for skin, and has anti-inflammatory properties too. According to Ms. Jyoti Bhatt, Senior Dietician from Jaslok Hospital & Research Centre, “Ghee or clarified butter is high in saturated fats. It is traditionally used in Asian cooking, it is also one of the core superfoods of Ayurveda. Khichdi has a proper balance of nutrients because of its rich combination of lentils, rice and added vegetables. It does not really require the addition of ghee to be healthier. But if you like to add ghee, there is no problem as such but be very mindful of the amount. Ghee if consumed in the right way can offer nourishment to the body, 1 tsp ghee is ideal for a plateful. Adding ghee to khichdi can enhance the taste but one should be mindful while choosing it. Buy only unadulterated ghee from trusted sources.”

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Butyrate acid in ghee is helpful in easing digestion problems
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Ms. Sweedal Trinidade, Senior Officer Dietetics (HOD) P.D. Hinduja Hospital and MRC seem to echo Ms. Jyoti’s thoughts and says, “Khichidi is a great combination of cereal and pulse, rich in carbohydrates and protein. Adding ghee to the preparations adds to calories and satiety value. It is beneficial for toddlers, people intending to gain weight. However, being a source of saturated fat, the usages are contraindicated in diets for people with cardiac ailments, digestive disorders, dyslipidemia, elevated liver enzymes. So moderation is key.”

Do let us know how much ghee you like to have with your khichdi, and if it matches the recommended amount. We’ll see you in the comments below!

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Should You Have Ghee With Khichdi? And How Much? Experts Reveal

HighlightsKhichdi is a one-pot meal made with rice and lentilsKhichdi is a good source of proteinKhichdi is often called a complete source of...

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