Craving For Pizza? Heres The Simplest Butter Chicken Pizza Recipe To Make At Home


  • Pizza is one food item that transcends beyond the barriers
  • You will find people experimenting with this classic dish
  • We bring one such amazing dish- leftover butter chicken pizza

There’s nothing more satisfying than indulging in a pizza filled with chicken, cheese and more. It is one food item that transcends beyond the barriers of region, country and continent; so much so that every place around the world has their own unique pizza recipes. For instance, we Indians love our chicken tikka pizza – a perfect blend of desi tikka with exotic cheese. Native to Italy, pizza has found interesting recipes and cooking styles to satisfy the palate of the locals of different regions. But what remains a constant is the usage of cheese that takes the taste of the dish one step ahead. In fact, if you explore, you will also find people experimenting with this classic dish to make it unique yet palatable.

One such unique recipe is bread pizza, where the regular pizza crust is replaced with bread slices to make it easy to replicate at home. Keeping this in mind, we bring a desi butter chicken pizza recipe that can be made in just 30 minutes at home. A lip-smacking butter chicken pizza brings the best of both the cuisines (Indian and Italian) on one plate.

How To Make Quick And Easy Butter Chicken Pizza:

You can prepare this dish with some leftover butter chicken from the last meal. All you need to do is throw in butter chicken, some extra onion and capsicum, cream and cheese on a bread slice and just toast it on tawa. It is easy, fuss-free and can even be prepared by a novice chef. Let’s find out the recipe.

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Here’s The Step-By-Step Recipe For Easy Butter Chicken Pizza:


2 sandwich breads

2 cube cheese (processed/mozzarella), grated

2 tablespoon butter chicken, shredded

5-6 rings of capsicum

5-6 rings of onion

Italian seasoning, as per taste

Chilli flakes, as per taste

2 teaspoon pizza spread

Cream, to garnish

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Add some oil in a pan and caramelise the onions with a pinch of sugar. Keep aside.

Add the capsicum to the pan and stir fry to make it crunchy. Keep aside.

Cut the sides of the breads.

Add 1 teaspoon pizza spread on each bread slice.

Add the shredded butter chicken, caramelised onion and crunchy capsicum on the bread slices.

Top it with grated cheese.

Sprinkle Italian seasoning and chilli flakes.

Now, heat a tawa/skillet and grease some olive oil on it.

Place the breads and cover it with a lid or a bowl. Keep the flame low.

Wait for 5-6 minutes till the cheese melts.

Now add some more seasonings, drizzle some cream and enjoy.

Prepare this quick and easy butter chicken pizza and make the weekend special for your family.

Enjoy your weekend, everyone!


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Craving For Pizza? Heres The Simplest Butter Chicken Pizza Recipe To Make At Home

HighlightsPizza is one food item that transcends beyond the barriersYou will find people experimenting with this classic dishWe bring one such amazing dish-...

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